The building is heated by underfloor heating mats. They run on electricity and are very efficient, using a tiny amount of electricity to heat the whole building. Radiant heat is a lovely kind of heat to have and the building stays at a constant temperature all winter. These mats require a lot of insulation underneath them, and so there are more straw bales are under the infinitely useful resource!

John the carpenter came and put in the floorboards and the partitions walls to create two rooms, the main treatment room and the bathroom.

The toilet seat is made of one large piece of oak and is more of a throne than a loo. It has weight and substance and gravitas.

The main treatment room is light and airy. There is a hydraulic couch for clients with mobility difficulties. When you lie on the couch the view is of the sky through the window in the roof. Straw bales provide very good sound insulation so it is quiet and peaceful.

As the seasons pass sunlight comes progressively down the wall and further into the room towards midsummer and then travels back up the wall towards midwinter. This gives a feeling of being warm and sheltered inside yet still part of the environment outside. Like being inside a giant sundial.